Zac Efron’s Training and Diet Guide for Dirty GrandPa

2016 is a big year for Zac Efron fans. Along with cinematic roles in Dirty Grandpa and Neighbors 2, Zac has been getting major buzz as he shoots 2017’s Baywatch.

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The talk isn’t about Zac’s acting ability. Rather all eyes are on his physique – and more specifically his abs. In Dirty Grandpa, Zac rocked a six-pack that had movie goers going ga-ga.

To achieve the ripped, lean look that was topped off with those abs, Zac had to work his butt off. Dirty Grandpa was filmed in the third quarter of 2015, so his training and diet for the movie took place in the first six months of that year.

At the beginning of 2015, Zac was in pretty good shape. In 2014 he’d filmed the first instalment of Neighbors, plating a college jock who loved to party and eat junk – but who jut happened to have an athlete’s body.

Dirty Grandpa

Over the 2014-15 Christmas period, Zac let himself go a little. For a dedicated guy like Zac, letting yourself go over the holiday season doesn’t mean turning into a couch bound glutton. It means missing the odd workout and indulging in a sweet treat every now and then.

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But when it came to January 1st, 2015 Zac flicked the switch. It was time to get back into serious training mode. Zack’s first task was to analyze the script of his new project.

Dirty Grandpa saw the former Disney star teaming up with  a Hollywood legend in the form of Robert DiNiro. The comedy would see the two of them  traveling the countryside as bad role model grandfather and grandson.

Zac muscleZac looked for scenes where he was either shirtless or emphasis was placed on various parts of his physique. This allowed him to see which body parts he had to emphasize in his training to look his best on screen.


For his role in Dirty Grandpa, Zac spent a lot of time in a t-shirt and jeans. There’s also a memorable scene where he and De Niro have a shirtless pose-off on the street. Zac knew tat to be in his best shape (and to beat the old man in the pose off), he had to put the emphasis on training his front upper body. That meant that he’d be going hard on . . .












Of course, Zac wouldn’t be neglecting the muscles if his back and legs. They’d be trained once per week on compound and functional exercises. But his priority muscles for this movie would be hit twice a week with laser like focus.

Of all the muscles of his body that would draw the attention of the viewing public, Zac knew that his abdominals would get the most attention. That’s why he paid special attention ton training his mid-section for this role. In our Dirty Grandpa workout exposed, we’ll go in depth on how Zac trained his other body parts. For now, though, here’s a glimpse of what Zac had to do in order to walk onto set with his ripped six-pack:

Zac’s Neighbor’s Core Workout

Zac abs 

  • (1) Jumping Split Lunges: Standing, feet together, and with hands on hips,  bend your knees and jump up, landing with your right foot in front of you and your left foot behind. You’ll want to get as deep a bend in your knees as possible – 12 reps each leg.
  • (2) Halo Deadlift: Grab a light dumbbell and squat down fully with the weight hanging between your legs. Keeping your back arched rise to a standing position as you lift the weight and rotate it around your head in a circular motion. Return to the start position and repeat – 12 reps.
  • (3) Dumbbell Rotational Jumps: Start in the same position as the previous exercise, but this time the dumbbell should be held in a top curl position. From a bottom squat perform a rotational jump that allows you to spin 180 degrees before landing. Jump from the bottom position into your next rep – 12 reps
  • (4) Elbow, Plank, Row: Start by lying on your stomach in a plank position, resting on your elbows. The only points of contact with the floor should be your toes and forearms. Position a pair of dumbbells on the outsides of your arms. One arm at a time, rise up to grab the dumbbells. Now pull the dumbbell in your right hand towards your chest. Repeat with your left hand. That’s one rep – 6 reps
  • (5) Mountain Climbers: Start in a traditional push-up position, keeping your core tight. Bring one knee up as close to your chest as possible while balancing on the opposite foot, and then quickly switch legs. Keep your butt down and your palms on the floor at all times – 12 reps
  • (6) Plank: Lie face down on the floor and prop yourself up on your elbows so that your body is supported only by the balls of your feet, elbows and forearms. Keep your back straight in one solid line. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Dirty Grandpa Nutrition

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Zac hand on hipGetting in the lean, ripped condition that the achieved for this movie meant that Zac also had to be on point with his nutrition. During 2014, he’d used the services of ZEN nutrition, a fantastic meal delivery service who served him up delicious and nutritious meals every day of the week.


In 2015, Zac decided to go solo. The nutrition plan he used for the movie is detailed in our Dirty Grandpa nutrition section.


To get super lean, Zac made sure to take his thermogenic supplements. Top of his list was a superior N02 stimulator. This would allow him to train with super intensity while getting the best workout pump of his life.







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